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Average Life

Today I was introduced as being "fiercely independent."   Never in my wildest dreams would I think someone would ever define me as such.  Made me feel pretty darn good.

I plugged up my pipes under the sink Tuesday night. I am known for plugging up pipes.  Back in my younger days, I was working at a restaurant and I plugged up their pipes when I put lettuce in their garbage disposal. 

Anyway - the garbage disposal decided to stop working at that moment just adding to my frustration.  While hunting for the reset button on the garbage disposal - I pulled the wires that is hooked up to the electrical plug in doo hicky... It was an aggravating moment. One of the perks of living alone is you can say "screw it, I am going to bed." 

In the morning I needed someone to gripe at so I called my son, Scott. Then I worked on the problem, fixed it and went to the grocery store.  Scott called me back later while I was in line at the grocery store to inquire about the plumbing, …
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Good Bye

It is gone, I gave Comcast back their cable.  There was no grieving, no tears just a huge sigh of relief.      I found myself recording shows and planning my days and meals around these shows.   The cost of renting cable was going up to a ridiculous amount.  I just decided I am not going to spend my money on something that monopolizes my time in a not so healthy way.  I do have an addictive personality and the hardest word in my dictionary is the two-lettered word “NO.”   I have been on a quest to reduce the bad in my life since November and with each no I found myself getting a little stronger.   With a few extra dollars in my pocket means I can escape in the desert even more.

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Ciaran Lavery

Feeling like a million years
Rolling up have passed me by
I used to be green and careless
Now I'm seldom taken by surprise
Hey there, mama, you see me now?
Well, look how your boy's grown up
I used to be afraid of falling
Now I couldn't give a fuck
But this is no funeral horn

Brian Andreas

The most important thing to know is simple: magic is real. There are lots of books out now that have magic in them. A lot of people think they are fiction. Except when you read them, something deep inside you stirs. Like a little spark or an ember. Or a bright hummingbird that suddenly wakes & darts up into the quiet dark & starts to hum.
Magic has been quietly waiting for a long time for us to stop being so busy with our shiny things made of metal & glass & wires & electricity. It has been waiting for us to wake up & see that we’re already where we always wanted to be. That we’re already home.
A lot of people get confused about Life because when they were young, something happened that hurt. Maybe it was someone who made fun of their hair. Or the color of their skin. Or the number of freckles they had. Or they were too skinny. Or too fat.
But there are worse things than that when you are young. The worst thing is when you have adults around you that forget that c…


Mary Chapin Carpenter I don't know nothing, nothing today
Whether to leave or to stay
'Cause underneath sorrow, underneath fear
There's nothing that's keeping me here 'Cause I'm a zephyr on the inside
And it's a hard ride when you feel yourself tied down
Hide-and-earth bound
But there's no tether, on a zephyr I tried to be constant just like a star
I tried to be steady and yar
But the storms keep breaking over my head
I'm aching for blue skies instead 'Cause I'm a zephyr on the inside
And it's a hard ride when you feel your heart tied down
Hide-and-earth bound
But there's no tether
I'm a zephyr All of the wings I've ridden back home to you
All the things I've given I've wanted to
All that you see has always belonged to you
Except for the wind: Forever and after, that's if we're charmed
You've got to hold on with more than these arms
Because love is all there is and time is just sand
And I might just slip t…

Letting Go

I will carry merchandise out to people’s car if they are not able to do so.  The other day I carried a box of books to a lady’s car.  She was delightful – especially when she couldn’t find the car.  We wandered around the parking lot looking for a grey car that was “pulled through”.  In our search for the grey car, I found out that her husband had crossed over 6 months ago, a week after his death she died on her kitchen floor. 

She stopped her search for her car and said “I was washing the dishes and the next thing I know I am in the dark, total blackness.  No sound, just black and it was so peaceful.”  She said she had no sense of standing up or sitting down.  She just had the feeling of total and complete peace.  She said, there was no “going to the light,” or “being greeted by a loved one.”  She was enveloped in darkness and the comfort was indescribable…  She went on to say that she had no sense of time either and the next memory was waking up in the hospital after surgery on he…

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A Little Hiking